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About 2 weeks ago I hopped in my car and trekked 8 hours to NYC for Marie Forleo’s RHH Live event.  I thought I was going to a sales and marketing conference for entrepreneurs.  It turned out to be the single best investment I’ve made in my business (and in myself) to date.  There were so many fabulous, amazing things things about the weekend… Here’s the short list:

Marie Forleo, Danielle LaPorte, Josh Pais, Kris Carr, Herrman, Bryan Franklin, Laura Roeder and 150 women all doing incredible things with their lives and businesses.  I’m still processing all the fabulousness of the weekend :-)

I’m pretty sure I could write a book (or 6) about what I learned over the weekend.

Here’s one game changing snippet for anyone who wants to get more out of everything they do:

Committed Impulse, created by Josh Pais, is a technique that “frees you from limitations generated by a judging mind and a nervous or blocked body.”

The CI Training is rigorous and enlivening and it will increase your physical vocabulary, creative range, and ability to remain present in each moment.

Sabrina Weyeneth One more thing… I’ve found the principles of CI (particularly the dropping into sensations in the body which we don’t like) are the key to ending addiction/eating disorders. You’ll find when people are desperately craving something over there – whether it’s food, alcohol or drugs – it’s usually because they’re trying to get away from the sensations that are happening right here in their bodies (which are fueled/made worse by the mind’s labeling).

Sally Hope I agree with all of the above. And also, I always think about what Josh said about “partying” with your feelings. If something shows up, good or bad, just let it be there…party with it. Don’t try to change it or move it, but rather hang out with it right where it is. It’s the resistance to the party that keeps the feeling coming back.

Stephanie Watanabe CI for me, is a more tangible way to embody the practice of being in the present moment. The 4 steps really help me to focus on the present, especially when I start to space out. And like Amanda, I found it really helpful to focus on what I’m feeling in each moment and really truly feel…tons more fun groovin’ to the music than the alternative!

Stephenie Zamora For me, the walking into empty space turned dance party was pretty eye opening after the fact. I could really tell the difference between being in my head (thinking about how stupid I looked/felt) and being in the present moment (enjoying the music, movement, experience). It’s was a lot more fun to just experience the moment! :)

Amanda Arthur Krill Hey Kelly! Of course you can and should ask. For me, Committed Impulse is just giving yourself permission to feel what you are feeling without judgment or embarrassment. And, if you break it down to what Josh says about feeling scared, or feeling anxious – it’s all just atoms bouncing around in your body. If you just let them bounce, they calm down faster than if you try to force them to stop.