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It’s January 18th.  Yesterday it was 45 degrees here in North East Ohio.  It was raining all day and tornado sirens were blaring.  Unexpected?  You betcha.

Today it’s 20 degrees and there’s a dusting of snow all around.  Usually by this turn of the calendar we’re buried in snow, the heating bill is through the roof and we’re just praying for a day like, well, yesterday.  Forty-five and rainy sounds pretty damn good after a long cold winter.  This year though, we’ve been spoiled.  It was, after all, 60 and sunny just a week ago.  Now that we’re actually having winter weather we’re all shocked, like we weren’t expecting this day to ever come.  Snow brush?  Snow shovel?  Who ever thought we’d need those again???  All this wacky weather has me thinking about how to deal with the unexpected when it dumps on our sidewalk (so to speak).

The words “Prepare for the Unexpected” conjure images of disaster.  In your business that might be a slow month (got savings?), an unhappy client (refund anyone?), a broken piece of equipment (repair or replace or go without???).  All things that could put a hefty dent in your pocket book.  You do your best to be prepared.  You could call yourself a Holistic Boy Scout.

But what are you doing to prepare for the Best Case Scenario?

It’s easy to get caught up in “what if it doesn’t work out” mode.  But if you do, you might just miss the excitement if (when!) it DOES work out because instead of preparing for the best you spent your time and energy preparing for the worst.  

What if expecting the unexpected meant anticipating even greater success for your business?

Here are a few ways to prepare yourself for the Best Case Scenario in your Holistic Business:

When you do a seminar do you…

Print a few extra copies?

Set out a few extra chairs?

Have an offer prepared just in case someone asks?

When you’re in your office do you…

Dress your best even if you don’t have a client?

Have your systems in place before you need them?

Have multiple options available?  (I’m talking about payments, products, and services here.)

When you launch a program do you…

Prepared for an overflow of clients?

Have your next program offer ready to pitch?

Have a way to collect all the praise you will receive throughout the program?

In the comments below let me know what you’re doing to prepare for the Best Case Scenario.