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Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $100

How to deal when you’re stuck-uck-uck.

“A Universal Rule on Decision Making…

Don’t make them until it’s time to make them.

Unless you already know what you want, in which case, however, there is no decision to be made.”

You know,

   The Universe

In the last few weeks I’ve heard from many readers and colleagues that are feeling stuck.  Stuck in their business, stuck in their life.  Whether you believe it’s the season, the stars or the nature of your business, there’s nothing fun about being unable to move forward.

When this situation arises, more often than not, it seems that the harder we push, the more stuck we get.

So, what’s the solution?  

Here are some suggestions on how to un-stick yourself and get on with your life & your business.

1.  Get a reality check.  If you’re someone with high expectation of yourself (as most entrepreneurs are) it can be easy to feel like you’re not getting anywhere when, by anyone else’s standards, you’re making tremendous progress.  So you haven’t conquered all your goals yet… Take a look and see if you’re being realistic about what any human being could get done in a given period of time.  If you had a friend in your shoes would you berate her for not moving ahead any faster?  Maybe you need to step back and acknowledge just how awesome you are and how far you’ve come.  

2.  Hash it out.  Call a friend or your mastermind buddies and dig into it.  Sometimes getting all the frustration out into the air is all you need to let it go and move on.  Hashing it out can be freeing and you may even find the answer you’re looking for before you finish telling your story.  Ever search and search for something to no avail and as soon as you ask the question the answer suddenly appears?  This happens to me all the time.  All I have to do is post a question to a forum and suddenly the answer I’ve been looking for is right in front of my face.

A word of caution ~ if you find you’re stuck and need to hash things out on a regular basis, you may find your friends and even your mastermind partners shying away… no one likes to be the sounding board all the time.  Make sure you’re respecting these relationships and keeping things on an upbeat and positive note.  (And you can always hire a business coach to bring a fresh perspective!)

3.  Take a break.  Sometimes you just need to walk away, clear your head & get back in the game when you’re ready.  I take this tip from entrepreneur Anna Caroline Teurk, who teaches Type A folks like me that breaks are a necessary part of life & that you’ll get more done & be happier doing it if you just take time to breathe.  (Stay tuned for more to come soon from Anna Caroline!)

4.  Reexamine your vision.  Remembering why you do what you do can be a powerful exercise in freeing you up from your stickiness.  It’s easy to get off track and when we do things tend to get more and more difficult.  Returning your attention to the core of your business, to your purpose, can get you back on track.  Back in my corporate days, I used to find the need 2 or 3 times each year to bring my team’s focus back to the basics.  I always found that doing so reignited their fires, reconnected them to their staff and customers and refreshed their overall energy level.  Could work for you too…    

5.  Exercise patience.  Sometimes, no matter how bad you want something, the timing just isn’t right.  If you resolve to wait it out & focus your efforts on what IS in front of you, suddenly the thing you were agonizing over will manifest itself without effort.

Case in point ~ My hubbie and I were looking for the “right” house for what seemed like forever.  I would spend hours perusing real estate websites.  My husband (a real estate agent!) was constantly on the hunt, day in and day out.  One evening we both resolved to let it go.  Maybe the timing just wasn’t right…  Less than 2 weeks later he was showing a house to a client, realized he was in “our” house and told his client, “If you don’t make an offer on this house, I’m going to!”  The client opted out and 2 months later the house is hours :-)  Seems all we had to do was stop looking and what we were searching for appeared and came into our possession with ease!

6.  Stop trying so hard.  An old friend used to say, “We’re not human doings, we’re human beings.”  Sometimes we get so focused on “doing” that we forget about “being” and in all that doing we dig ourselves into holes.  If you keep digging you’ll just get more and more stuck.  The only thing you can do is stop, look up and wait for a solution to come to you.  There’s often an easy answer waiting to be found if you just take a moment to look for it.

Please leave a comment and share what you do to get unstuck!