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Indulgence ~ a Necessity to Living Well

Here we are in the midst of the holiday season.  It’s time to celebrate, visit with friends and family, and partake in holiday festivities.  Opportunities for indulgence surround us!

Shopping and sweets and parties… oh my!

We all know that healthy living includes nutrition, moderation, exercise, adequate sleep, plenty of water… and the list goes on.  These are all things that make our bodies feel fabulous, energetic and beautiful.  All are necessities to being the best we can be.

Here’s one more necessity:  Indulgence.

Hmmm… Does that word give you a creepy feeling?

Like you’re doing something BAD?

Like you’ll be slapped on the knuckles with a ruler any moment?

Here’s my advice:

GET OVER IT!  (I say that with the utmost respect and love xo :-))

To indulge is “to take unrestrained pleasure in.”

Isn’t unrestrained pleasure something we could all use a little more of?

What effect could a few moments of unrestrained pleasure have on every corner of your life?

Okay… focus!

Here’s the thing… being happy is just as important as being healthy.   Depriving yourself of things you truly enjoy creates resentment and resentment creates distance between you and your desires.  If you desire to be healthy resenting the process will only lead you to ill-health.

In other words, forcing yourself to be healthy is, well, unhealthy.

So how does one indulge in a healthy way?

Here are 5 key rules to follow:

  1. No guilt allowed!  Make a conscious decision to indulge, feel good about it and move on…
  2. Chose your indulgences carefully.  If chocolate pushes you over the edge, just don’t go there.
  3. Savor every moment!  Indulgence does not mean guzzling cheap wine by the box.  Instead, share a splurge bottle with someone you love.
  4. Indulge but don’t OVER-indulge.  That means 1 or 2 cookies, not a dozen :-)
  5. If you do over-indulge refer to rule #1