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What if it was just easy?

This thought popped into my head at a Saturday morning yoga class.  

What if it was just easy?

I should start by telling you that I like my yoga to be of one particular brand.  I like it fast and furious. For me yoga is about not thinking.  It’s about getting out of my chatterbox head and just moving.  So you’ll never find me in a class where the teacher is doing micro-breakdowns of each move and each posture.  Such activity makes me want to run screaming from the room.  Maybe some day I’ll be ready for that, but for now yoga is about a mental break.  The faster the better.  No time to analyze?  No problem.  Just breathe and move.

So when a clear, distinct, LOUD thought popped into my head last Saturday morning I had to take notice.

What if it was just easy?

I chuckled to myself.  

What if it was.  Just.  Easy.

Were things a challenge to me because I expected them to be?  In yoga?  In life?

My house-mate laughs when I come home from yoga class announcing that I did something new and desperately wanting to demonstrate for him in the middle of the dining room.  But I’m excited!  He should be too!  Somehow it’s a testament to my skill and my worth that I can now do crow and jump back into plank.  I NEVER thought I’d be able to do THAT move.  It’s exciting!  But what if it wasn’t?

What if it was just easy?

What if I went to yoga class just expecting to be able to do what ever was suggested.  Just breathe and move.  

I chuckled to myself.  

What if it was just easy?

A moment later I heard the dreaded, “everyone move to the wall for headstand.”

Normally this statement triggers fear, anxiety, self loathing. (Okay, that might be extreme, but at least self annoyance.)  Why can I do all of these other poses, but I can barely even invert myself with my feet still on the ground?  Neck aching, shoulders screaming, hamstrings tight, hips feel like dead weight.  I joke, “My chiropractor doesn’t like when I do this one, ha ha!”  Hate. Hate. Hate. Headstand.

But… What if it was just easy?

Smiling I went to the wall this Saturday morning.  Matt down.  Forearms down.  Hands cupped.  Head in hands.  Feet walking towards head.  Kick.  Up. Easy.  Sinking. Sinking.  Lift in the shoulders.  I can feel it for the first time.  I’m floating.

I come down to earth right side up and chuckle to myself.  

That was easy.  

What if everything else was too?

Writing blog posts.  Building mailing lists.  Finding clients.  Managing time.  Exercising.  Eating well.  Paying the bills.  Writing programs.  Networking. Relationships.    

What if it was ALL just easy?

Could I handle it?  Could YOU handle it?  

How easy are you willing to let it get?

How GOOD are you willing to let it get?

Because it IS just easy.  If you want it to be.  If you expect it to be.

But what if you’re struggling?  What if it really just doesn’t.  Feel.  Easy.

Play with the idea that it could be.  Imagine yourself happily finishing the task at hand.  You’ll get there.  And if you need to, fake it till you make it.

“In yoga, we’re always told to smile whenever we encounter a difficult pose.  We might feel like grimacing, or even crying, but as long as we keep smiling despite our difficulties, one day we’ll get down in that pose and find that the smile is actually genuine.  The smile, even when it feels forced at first, is what gives us the strength to continue the process.”

~ Russell Simmons, Super Rich

So, think about it…

What if it was just easy?