Hi there, I’m Rachel Anzalone: CEO Advisor and Visionary Co-creator for high-performing business owners.

I help high 6, 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs (like you) step off the hustle hamster wheel and re-envision their life and work from a place of soulful empowerment and ease.

I dream of a world in which CEO’s take as exquisite care of themselves and their vision as they do everything else in their lives.

Over the last several years I’ve worked alongside top CEO’s and led teams of first-class experts — including project managers, copywriters, web developers, graphic designers, and social media managers — as we facilitated high 6 and 7-figure business and marketing strategies, time and time again.

… Which means, alongside that success, I’ve also witnessed burnouts, breakdowns, and meltdowns of all kinds.

That’s why I’m on a mission to end that cycle, and help trailblazing CEO’s like you examine the deep inner workings of their businesses, so they can untangle themselves from the grind of constant problem solving and strategic thinking, and reconnect with the reason why they became entrepreneurs in the first place:

For more freedom. More space to create. And a broader impact on the world.

If you set out to build a heart-focused business, and wound up with a daily grind?

Then you’re exactly where you need to be.
And I’m just the one to help you.

But how did I get here exactly? This is my story.

In a past life, I was a hardcore hustler.

I’ve been a bartender, waitress, snowboard shop employee, journalist, conference sales manager and event planner, and a $39 per night no-tell motel manager.

After that, I became a Director of Operations for one of the largest restaurant franchisees in the country, overseeing 14 million in annual revenue and a team of 350 of the most hardworking peeps I know.


I’ve also done everything under the sun for a regional coffee company, including rocking the espresso machine, writing and implementing training programs and operations manuals, and hustling some seriously grassroots local marketing efforts.

But my smorgasbord of experience all came to a head when one day back in 2009 I decided to leave my J. O. B. and make a go at entrepreneurship.


It all began in a wellness center where I had an established Naturopathy practice and shared space with a community of other natural health practitioners. I hustled it into existence with sweat, tears and American Express.

And then one day I had this earth-shattering realization:

I had created a monster of a job for myself that required every ounce of my energy to keep it going.

And it sucked.

I tried to create space for myself.

I hired help and scheduled yoga classes into my days. But instead of feeling relief I felt even more stress.

And it hit me: I didn’t want the business I had created. I wanted what I thought the business would give me – control over my own schedule and income, interesting and challenging work doing something I loved, and the chance to make a real contribution to people’s lives.

But I wasn’t experiencing any of that. I was so burned out and exhausted that I couldn’t even enjoy the fact that I was helping people. I was out of alignment and out of integrity.

I knew things had to change. BIG TIME.

And so I went to work. Not by adding more to-dos, but by peeling back layer after layer of my life and getting to the core of what I really wanted and how I wanted to feel every day.

I read books, went to workshops, wrote pages and pages (and pages) of journal entries. I danced. And shook. And drew angel cards. And did a shit-ton of yoga.

I walked for hours on end. I cried with girlfriends and cried with strangers. At times I did the work in a frenzy and at others I napped by the pool all day and ate chocolate. (Actually… that was part of the work too.)

Along the way I figured out a couple of things...

Connection is critical. The more connected we are to ourselves, our work, and the impact we want to make? The clearer we stay, and the easier the small stuff fades away.

Integrity is integral. If you’re not deliberately creating the life and business you want, it’s easy to get stuck in a reactionary loop, which is where mistakes and missteps happen.

Expansion is inevitable. We’re never done growing. With every mountain climbed, another mountain lies ahead. It’s up to us to be discerning about where we choose to go.

And above all…

Alignment is the strategy.
And feeling good is the fastest path to success, however, you define it.


Now I work with highly successful CEO’s because I see the potential of the impact they can make when they’re in alignment — and the struggle and suffering when they’re not.


Because I’ve been there too….

… I haven’t looked back since.

There have been many experiments and iterations, successes and failures along the way.


And as Maya Angelou says,

“I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.”

So now I’m here with you.

Not to be the guru who shows you “the way”, but to share my experience and perspective with you.

To co-create.

To champion you through your own process of stripping away all the distractions that are keeping you from realizing your next great vision.

All the things that are keeping you from having the life and company you want, even if you don’t know what that looks like just yet under the haze of funnels, team members, and sales numbers.


I’ll bring to the table my 20+ years of experience in business & team management, local & online marketing, holistic wellness, personal development, and embodied living to help you curate your own ideal life & business, based on your values, your desires & what you most want to contribute to the world.


I’m here to support you and push you and call you on your bullshit because I know that there is even more greatness in you that is not being expressed.


I know that you can and will contribute your gifts to the world in a big, big, BIGGER way. But you have to serve yourself first in order to serve others.

If you don’t feel absolutely awesome doing what you’re doing

Eventually, you will burn out, or break down, or walk away.

And we can’t have that.

Because the world needs what you are here to give. I want to help you live the best life you can because I believe that when YOU thrive, we all benefit.

When YOU contribute at your highest level, we all grow. We all win.

With alignment as your guiding force & me by your side, we’ll co-create a business and life that honors what you truly value and allows you to expand into your next greatest vision in a way that feels really good.

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My Credentials

(in case you’re into that):


BA in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary: International Studies with a Concentration in Africa & the Middle East & a Minor in Philosophy of Law, SUNY Buffalo (it’s a mouthful, I know)


Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, Trinity College of Natural Health


Master Herbalist, Trinity College of Natural Health


Certified Natural Health Professional


Loomis Digestive Health Specialist


LiveWell Certified Health Coach


Reiki Practitioner


Desire Map Facilitator


Qoya Teacher

Other random facts:

I’m a small town girl. Like, 26 kids in my graduating class small town. Really.

I started my college career as an art student and only gave up doing my own graphic design when Adobe Creative Suite went out of date and I could no longer get the student discount on software.

– I’ve run 1 marathon, at age 38.
– I’m a budding cyclist.
– I’m about as introverted as they come.
– I’m an empath and I’m highly intuitive.
– I love to travel.
– I now live and love in San Antonio, TX.
– I’m pretty sure I’m the best Aunt ever.

Professional Bio

Rachel Anzalone is an advisor for high six and seven-figure CEO’s ready to escape the cycle of burnout and transform their businesses by learning to live and work in line with their clear vision for their legacy. With 20 years of operations, business, and marketing experience under her belt, and a sixth sense for streamlining systems, her approach can be summed up in a single mantra: “Alignment is the strategy.”

Rachel’s extensive experience in business, team management, local and online marketing, holistic wellness, personal development, and embodied living gives her a unique, powerful skill set for helping CEO’s curate their ideal approach to growth based on their values, desires & what they most want to contribute to the world.

She’s part consultant, part objective observer, and part confidant, helping CEO’s integrate their next elegant evolution of their business — and supporting them personally as they bring it to life.

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