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Lisa Nichols / Motivating the Masses

Speak & Write to Make Millions – http://speakandwriteworkshop.com/
Managed the online marketing campaigns for the Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 events, attracting 500+ live attendees plus thousands of online participants to each event, generating multiple 7-figures in revenue at each event

Abundance Now – http://www.abundancenowonline.com/
Managed all launch activities for Lisa Nichols (9 times NY Times Best Seller) most recent book launch. This 6 month campaign included a book tour, ambassador program, sponsorships, online events & 2 live events with over 2,000 live participants, over 8,000 online participants and over 1 million online impressions

Jennifer Kem

Master Brandhttp://masterbrand.me
Managed the build and 4 time launch of the Master Brand digital program, via a 3 step funnel including the Brand Story Challenge: http://brandstorychallenge.com and the Paid to Be You Webinar: http://paidtobeyou.co generating multiple 6-figures in revenue in 18 months

Momentum Prohttp://momentumpro.me
Managed 4 launches of this program, including an 8 week virtual challenge http://momentum17.com/ – generating multiple 6 figures in revenue in 24 months
*Note – I’m in my 3rd season of coaching inside this program where my role is to teach DIY online launching to participants

Managed launch generating multiple 6 figures in revenue in 6 weeks

Seen Heard Paid Livehttp://seenheardpaidlive.com
Managed front end of launch as well as in-room sales contributing to generation of multiple 6-figures in revenue
*Note – I presented on launch funnels at this event (info on website) as well as on one of our lead generation events: http://www.brandcrushweek.com/

Hilary Rushford / Dean Street Society

Managed launch of $100 digital product in February 2015, immediately followed by an affiliate launch of a $2,000 product in March 2015, generating multiple 6 figures in revenue in 2 months

In addition to…

Sekou Andrews / Poetic Voicehttp://sekouandrews.com/stagemightonline/

Jadah Sellner / Tribe Love Challengehttp://www.tribelovechallenge.com/

Sarah Jenks / Live More Weigh Lesshttp://livemoreweighless.com

Jaime Masters / Eventual Millionairehttp://eventualmillionaire.com/

Reshma Thakkar / Belief Explorer Questhttp://beliefexplorerquest.com/

Kirsten Roberts / Rad Fest Livehttp://radfestlive.com/

Dr. Judy Hinojosahttp://vitalitynhc.com/

Lisa Fabregahttp://lisafabrega.com/

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