Private CEO Intensives

Guided getaways that give you the space to explore what’s next.

If you feel overwhelmed, burned out, and a little isolated on “CEO Island”…

… You don’t need a new idea, team member, or strategy to fix things.

You need a break, and space to breathe.

That’s where I come in.



Private CEO Intensives

Part retreat, part deep dive vision exploration — and everything your soul needs to come back to creative clarity.


“As soon as I met Rachel, I connected with her and knew I wanted to work with her. She is smart, loving, insightful, motivating and helped me see where I was stuck and what next steps I needed to do to get the results I truly desire. Rachel got me to see the intersection between my business and the rest of my life. She helped me evaluate where I was and create a plan and systems that would help both areas of my life flow and keep me out of overwhelm.”

Robin Kramer

Founder & CEO, Red Boot Consulting

Co-Founder, Flourish and Thrive Academy

As CEO, your gift for hustling and getting things done can be an asset and an obstacle.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:


When there’s a problem in your business, your instinct is to “just” work harder to solve it. But not every issue — especially long-term, deeply rooted challenges — can be resolved with more sweat.


You might struggle to take time away from your desk, or detangle yourself from the day to day of your business so you can think clearly, and see the big picture.


When you do take time off, you might still spend it working, because having space for self care and daydreams gets your creative juices flowing.


Despite all your systems and habits, life and work feel chaotic, and you wish you could step out of “react mode” & into the place of quiet focus that sparks your best work and growth.


You value your team, but you know they’re invested in protecting their roles — so when it’s time to make hard decisions, you feel lonely at the top.

There’s no shame in it and you’re not alone. These are obstacles every leader struggles with.

That’s why I invite you to step back from the day to day grind.

It’s time to pause. Assess. Be present.

It’s time for a Private CEO Intensive, to discern what’s working, what’s not, and where you want to go next.

Here’s how the Private CEO Intensives work:


You’ll begin by stepping away from the grind for a peaceful private retreat and indulging in some much needed self-care as soon as you arrive.

Think: massage, dinner, rest, and girl talk over dinner.


After a good night’s sleep and a leisurely breakfast, I’ll guide you through a gentle movement practice to get you out of your head and into your body, so you can better reconnect with the wisdom deep within you.


Then, we’ll sit down together, and I’ll use my 20+ years of holistic strategic experience to dive deep into your business & life.

During this session, you’ll gain clarity on what’s working, what’s not, and how exactly who you want to be both in and out of the office.


We’ll break for a leisurely lunch, after which you’ll be set free to process and reflect on what we’ve discussed, and begin sketching out your new vision.

What do you most desire? What do you need in your business right now? What kind of resources and support are required to get there?


When you’re ready — and not a moment before — it’s time to explore what you’ve created. We’ll spend additional late afternoon and evening hours combing through what’s come up, and discussing any feedback and insights I have for you.


The next morning after breakfast, we’ll discuss how you’ll begin to reintegrate this vision, and you’ll be sent on your way — relaxed, at ease and with a clear plan to get you where you want to be in a way that feels really, really good.

The ultimate goal of The Private CEO Intensives

To help you craft a plan for a business and life that’s intimately aligned with who you are, what you value, and how you want to show up in the world.

“The grind” will always be there — and so will your hustle and get-it-done attitude.

After the intensive, however, you’ll find ways to use those strengths wisely, and reimagine your business in a way that keeps you clear, creative, and content.

Before Rachel I’d been struggling with physical illness for months. I was in bed more than I was working and even landed myself in the hospital… stressed, overwhelmed, and confused about what to do next. My body was trying to tell me what my brain refused to acknowledge—I was done. Working with Rachel has completely shifted my life! I now understand more fully what I really want—joy, fulfillment, adventure and freedom. Decision making has become easier and faster. I’m less stressed because I’m only choosing into experiences that align with my deepest desires. And my discernment between when to rest and when to press has become fine-tuned.

Needless to say, I am happy. I am at peace. And I haven’t been sick since Rachel opened up my heart and helped me see I was worth creating a life and business I loved.

Debbie Burns

Master Intuitive + Founder of The Soul Map

It’s time to slow down so you can speed up. Are you ready?

Your Private Intensive Includes:

Pre-Intensive Deep Dive Assessment

2 nights Accommodations at a beautiful location. Think casual comfort.   

You choose: Country Chic or Urban Rustic. We’ll select the perfect setting on your discovery call.

A 1 hour follow up session to take place within 30 days of your retreat.

Arrival Day:

– Spa Experience

– Dinner & Connection Time

Full Day:

– Breakfast

– A private Qoya class designed to get you grounded and connected to your inner wisdom

– Morning Work Session

– Lunch

– Integration time to write, explore, or nap if that’s what you need most

– Afternoon Work Session

– Dinner & Relaxation

Departure Day:

– Breakfast & Connection Time

– Morning Wrap Session

Investment $9,000

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