Aligned Strategy Advising

Back pocket support to transform your business & life…so you can keep on changing the world.

Strategically transforming your business and life is not a process that can be completed in 30, 60, even 90 days.

Creating a beautifully integrated way of being and working that’s aligned with your deepest values requires focus, patience, time, and (above all) support.

You need:

Aligned Strategy Advising

Back pocket support to transform your business & life…so you can keep on changing the world.

“Rachel accelerates any business she touches with her operational genius. She brings to the table years of experience building 7 and 8-figure businesses, an eye for detail, and systems and processes that she knows work. Plus she is absolutely wonderful to be around and have in your corner. I couldn’t recommend working with her more!”

Tara Zirker,

Founder & CEO, Sunbeam Communications

Think of me as your objective advisor, here to keep you focused on your bigger vision, to ask the right questions, and help you facilitate the growth of your company.

I should note: I’m not here to do the work for you — because that’s not how true transformation happens.

Instead, I’m here to act as a guide along the journey, and secret weapon in your back pocket. I’m available to review and talk through the grand visions and goals you have for your business, and use my 20+ years of business and holistic strategy experience to offer feedback, fresh eyes, and help you stay the course to design the life and business you truly deserve.

Every session together is a safe space, where you can be yourself, speak openly, and talk through your deepest dreams, desires, and frustrations you might not be able to share with your team, your colleagues, or even your partner.

That means…

When you have a new vision, concept, or idea you want to talk through? I’m there.

When you need guidance around a new system or strategy? I’m there.

When you need to be reminded how far you’ve come, or just celebrate? I’m there.

When you’re struggling and need to be witnessed? I’m there.

When you’re having trouble with a team member? I’m there.

When something goes wrong, or starts to break down?

I’m there — and I’ve got your back.

Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals, helping them scale, expand, rebuild, and navigate changes in their lives and businesses.

I’d be honored to work with you next.

Full disclosure: This experience is not for everyone.

This level of private, personalized mentoring is an investment of time, love, and attention on your part and mine. I’m committed to only working with those creative CEOs who are a perfect fit.

you + me = perfect fit, IF:

You’ve been hustling in your business for too long,

and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. You keep thinking “There has to be a better way.”

Your greatest desire is to contribute to the world in a meaningful way

and while you likely do that already, you need a sustainable way to maintain momentum.

You believe in your heart of hearts

that you have the power to determine your own circumstances — but you’re stuck in the chaos of “reaction mode.”

You’re comfortable doing the deep work,

and are open & receptive to a new perspective that may require you to grow and change to create what you desire.

Your favorite mentors and teachers share a direct, no nonsense, tell it like it is approach

wrapped up in a little woo and delivered with love (‘cause that’s how I roll).

You’re ready to co-create your aligned business and life

with support and guidance from a mentor who is fully invested in your success.

you + me = not so much, IF:

You prefer to complain, place blame and focus on the negative.

You’d rather focus on the drama of why “that won’t work” or how you “tried that once” than on new perspectives and possibilities.

You’re looking for a magic bullet or “band-aid” solution to a systemic issue.

Your ego and emotions need to be handled with kid gloves.

You love to talk about ideas but rarely take action.

Participating in this work would cause excessive financial strain.

Are you ready to maximize your impact as a global visionary — with the sustainable strategies that fully support you and your desired lifestyle?

Let’s explore the next steps together.

Aligned Strategy Advising

Pre-Intensive Deep Dive Assessment


Half Day Strategy Intensive (3 hours)


Monthly Private Strategy Calls


Monthly Aligned Strategy Mastermind Calls


Minimum 6 Month Engagement

Let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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“Rachel Anzalone has a business mind that I find rare, unique and exceptional. We’ve worked together over the past four years and I’m continuously amazed by her understanding of customers needs, her ability to effectively communicate to all parties involved and deliver results that overdeliver. If you are seeking a business & marketing strategy to take your business to the next level, while simultaneously creating a sustainable lifestyle, Rachel is the woman to hire.”

Andrew Gottlieb

CEO/Founder, No Typical Moments