“As a transformational speaker, author and coach, I live a lifestyle that involves constant travel and can be physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding. Connecting with Rachel as my touchstone has been a true gift for me. She not only is able to provide invaluable insight, wisdom and objective input in terms of marketing and building my brand, but also is able to help me see the bigger picture and find simple solutions to complex challenges within my business. Rachel is a trustworthy confidant and advisor and has become a true friend. She is a natural leader and an asset to me both personally and professionally.”

LISA NICHOLS, FOUNDER & CEO of Motivating the Masses

“My company’s tagline is, ‘When you are inspired, you inspire others.” Rachel is a living example of these words and the true embodiment of an inspired leader. She has helped me to maintain the integrity of my brand and has provided amazing insight so I can continue to grow my business. She is a powerful coach and mentor. She has helped to create clear, sustainable business and marketing strategies for me and my clients. With Rachel in your corner, you will soar!”

KERI MURPHY, FOUNDER & CEO of Inspired Living

“When I am at a crossroads with my work, Rachel is the one I go to. A deep thinker and great listener, she helps guide me to a more authentic road no matter how scary the necessary growth might feel. Rachel is the real deal and definitely one you want by your side.”

KRISSY SHIELDS, ADVOCATE for Women and Children & FOUNDER of Maha Mamma

“Behind every compelling project is a voice of reason, support and strength. Rachel is that voice. I’ve known and worked with her for several years, and her ability to bring focus to a passion project has kept me on target – especially during times when I was ready to chase the ‘shiny object.’ I highly recommend Rachel’s wisdom and expertise to propel impact in your business, community and the world.”

JULIE SMITH, LMFT, Trauma Therapist, Psychotherapist, and Trainer

“Rachel saw things I could not see, and encouraged me to change my perspective on myself. Her quality of listening and how she connected the dots between the needs I expressed and what she envisioned as a business path moving forward was invaluable.”

GUI CURI, FOUNDER of Sunny Minds, Organizational Culture (re)Design

“Rachel and I have been collaborating since 2016 on a huge range of client projects and launches with sales tallying into the millions — and every single time I’m over the moon to be working with her. She has a brilliant brain for operations, marketing strategy, team dynamics, and just generally making work fun, which is evident not only in her track record of success and happy clients but also in her talent as a leader and guide. She knows how to make anything she gets her hands on better — and that’s a skill as rare as it is precious.

Trust me when I say: there’s no one out there like Rachel Anzalone. So if you get a chance? Work with her.”

HILLARY WEISS, FOUNDER of Statement Piece Studio
“Rachel accelerates any business she touches with her operational genius. She brings to the table years of experience building 7 and 8-figure businesses, an eye for detail, and systems and processes that she knows work. Plus she is absolutely wonderful to be around and have in your corner. I couldn’t recommend working with her more!”
TARA ZIRKER, FOUNDER & CEO of Sunbeam Communications

“As soon as I met Rachel, I connected with her and knew I wanted to work with her. She is smart, loving, insightful, motivating and helped me see where I was stuck and what next steps I needed to do to get the results I truly desire. Rachel got me to see the intersection between my business and the rest of my life. She helped me evaluate where I was and create a plan and systems that would help both areas of my life flow and keep me out of overwhelm.”

ROBIN KRAMER, FOUNDER & CEO of Red Boot Consulting, CO-FOUNDER of Flourish & Thrive Academy

“I had been living on the ‘hamster wheel’ for too many years and had been searching for someone to help me find the exit ramp, but I didn’t want to work with just anyone. I knew that the skillset and experience that Rachel brings to the table would push me outside my comfort zone, and it did.

With grace and ease, guided by her even-level mannerism, Rachel uses her mind and heart to focus on creating a strategy that isn’t reactive but thoughtful, intentional, and in alignment with who I am and who I want to be.

She’ll guide you to find your own way, asking brilliant questions to self-discover along the way, giving you the space and permission to create what works for and feels good to you.”

KRISTIE KEEVER, Brand Coach & Visibility Strategist