Alignment is the strategy

You can’t be a visionary CEO when your long-term vision is cloudy.

That’s why I’m here to bring you gently back to clarity, and help you uncover what’s really next for you.

Together in my Aligned Strategy Intensives & Advisory Sessions, we’ll clear the fog and clutter clogging your focus, and help you see the big picture.

What would an ideal day in your business feel like for you?


What do you really want next for your business?


Do you need to hire a new team member, or reevaluate your current team?


What are your values? Have they evolved in recent years?


Decades from now, what kind of legacy do you want to say your business left?

 I act as an independent observer and strategist, helping you pin down what you most desire in your business, and stand by your side as you make it a reality.

All of our work together is fully confidential.

Private Aligned Strategy  Intensives

Part strategic planning, part deep dive vision exploration. Everything your soul needs to come back to creative clarity — and to get things done.

Private Aligned Strategy Advising

Personalized mentoring for creative CEOs. Back pocket support to transform your business & life… so you can keep on changing the world.

I had been living on the ‘hamster wheel’ for too many years and had been searching for someone to help me find the exit ramp, but I didn’t want to work with just anyone. I knew that the skillset and experience that Rachel brings to the table would push me outside my comfort zone, and it did. 

With grace and ease, guided by her even-level mannerism, Rachel uses her mind and heart to focus on creating a strategy that isn’t reactive but thoughtful, intentional, and in alignment with who I am and who I want to be. 

She’ll guide you to find your own way, asking brilliant questions to self-discover along the way, giving you the space and permission to create what works for and feels good to you.

Kristie Keever

Online Brand Coach & Visibility Strategist

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