Life is messy.
Balance is bullshit
The only way to thrive
is to own your power.

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What if it was just easy?

What if it was just easy? This thought popped into my head at a Saturday morning yoga class.   What if it was just easy? I should start by telling you that I like my yoga to be of one particular brand.  I like it fast and furious. For me yoga is about not thinking.... read more

You Are What You Assimilate

If we are what we eat, then what we are is only as good as our digestion.  When it goes awry, it generally affects our total well-being.  Whether it’s mild nausea, a nasty virus, or one of many chronic digestive disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome,... read more


Millions of Americans suffer from inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis and millions more suffer from Celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  Even more common are milder irritations, gastrointestinal distress and what has... read more

Run Baby Run

I’m what you might call an “intermittent” runner.  I grew up playing soccer and running track.  Used to love trail running back in the day :-)  I’ve run lots of 5ks and a ½ marathon… once.   But I’ve always needed a specific goal to get me running.  A team, a... read more

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The individual attention that I received from working with Rachel Anzalone was so focused and personalized, I knew there was no way I could fail following the program. I ate clean, whole foods, enjoyed easy to make shakes, and took natural supplements that changed not only the way I looked, but transformed the way I felt too. I had more energy, slept better, and gained overall vitality. The best part about working with Rachel was the one-on-one conversations we had, which guided every step of the journey. I highly recommend working with Rachel…you can’t help but feel better inside and out!

Shaun D.

Rachel was and still is the greatest mentor I have known.  She has a distinct and continuous drive that not only pushes her, but everyone around her.  Rachel’s knack for organization, training and communication make her the perfect coach.  I am perhaps most struck by her ability to practice what she preaches.  Rachel is not only a motivating leader, but also an empathetic friend who unwaveringly stands by her morals.  She supports and pushes others to finding wellness, happiness, and purpose.

Gabby S.

Rachel is an amazing leader as well as a terrific friend. Her upbeat and positive energy she portrayed had a great influence on others. She has always been a wealth of information and enjoyed coaching and teaching everyone around her. She certainly makes a strong presence and has a great eye for detail. Her organizational skills always impressed me. She is a well rounded individual in which I admire.

April R.

It seems that in these days, it is more difficult to attain wellness against a horde of social media battles of beauty and health and increases of environmental toxicity.  For women who find little time and/or motivation to take care of themselves, Rachel Anzalone is a beacon!  Rachel’s knowledge, training, professionalism, experience and, most importantly ~ PASSION, to educate and uplift her clients through enzyme therapy, is a much needed thirst quencher for a parched place!  I have seen wonderful and steady changes in my own health, life and abilities due to continued enzyme therapy with Rachel Anzalone and I truly look forward to the rest of our journey!

Sarah P.

I have done the cleanse twice now, the last time was in September after a summer of indulging in picnic foods.  It really kick started me for a winter of healthier eating. I never felt hungry, had more energy and slept better. It really helped me up my veggie intake and I have maintained that through the winter. I’m planning to do The Cleanse again March and to make it a regular part of my health maintenance program.

Sally H.

I had an appointment with Rachel in early December and learned that I had been suffering from adrenal fatigue for several years.  A little less than 3 months later now, while closely following Rachel’s guidelines I have made a near-full recovery and am anticipating continued improvement after nearly 5 years of being unable to improve my health after trying tons of different approaches…I’d highly recommend this program to anyone who is fatigued and unable to lose weight!

Eric H.

I met with Rachel Anzalone to explore some non-western style medical treatment.  She answered every question I had and explored different ways to help me balance my digestive system. Rachel is very easy to work with.  I felt like she had an individualistic approach to treatment.  It wasn’t a one thing fits all approach like going to a doctor. 

Jennifer M.